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Floor Mount Double Gun Rack Installed in a Handa Pioneer 1000 ATV/UTV Side by Side

525UF Universal Floor Double Gun Rack Honda Pioneer-1000 ATV-UTV Side by Side


Well after ordering this in April and finally getting my new Honda Pioneer 1000 last week, ( which was supposed to arrive by May 30th) I was able to mount your double gun rack…We had to mount it sideways due to the zero clearance under the floor due to the drive shaft. The bolts had just enough room to be zipped in head down tail up…with that said, I needed to shore up the top half of the post…I found that the 525-mount system that works great and that baby doesn’t flex at all…I took it out last weekend for the maiden voyage and it works GREAT with the shotguns. I adjusted it up slightly so that my 300 WSM with scope would fit snugly and it does… Will be heading to the mountains in Montana in two weeks in search of some elk and even tho we have some rough terrain ahead of us, I’m certain this mount will NOT fail us…. Thank you for this creation and for manufacturing such a great product…you rock brother!!

Shawn Padden – Duluth, MN 

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