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Karl Installed 310VT On His 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4

Joe: I mounted two 310VT’s In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4. An inch and a quarter pipe runs across the back of the front seats. There is a lot of room in the back and I cut the pipe and did A straight up, positioned off a short barrel AR platform but my reg rifles and shotguns Work also. I screwed down the stock mount in a step on the center console. The other side has radiator lines under same spot so I will use short screws. Regards Karl

310VT's In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4
310VT's In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4
310VT's In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4
310VT's In my 2020 Polaris XP Pro 4
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Bill Installed 525UF On His 2006 Club Car

Joe, Finished my 525UF gungrabber install in my 2006 club car golf cart. Turned out pretty good and I really like the product. 

Did have one issue with the install, the kit was missing the 1/4” black nylon nuts. Luckily, I had a enough spares since club car uses them in a number of places and I had spares. Anyway, made a few changes. 

Since the floor slopes backwards, I made a plastic ramp using a ‘post to concrete plastic base’ from Lowe’s and cutting a slope on the plastic piece. Worked very well but also needed to change the bolts to 2” and 2.5” to reach through the floor. Since I am not great with a drill, I drilled your back plate to 3/8” holes to give me slop for my work .

 For stability, I found a strap a Lowe’s that I cut down, painted and then JB weld to the side of unit and bolted through the dash. 

Lastly, I changed your 2” bolt for height and replaced with a tractor pin. Allows me to adjust height very quickly whether using the cart for skeet or hunting with rifles. Anyway, hope this long email gives you a few ideas or suggestions for someone else’s install. This is a great product. Well thought out and designed. 

I really like the idea of the removable pin. Thanks Joe.

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Marty Installed 310VT On His 2012 E-Z-GO RXV

Joe, these are going to be great. Easy mounting, but the screws for the shoe could be 1/2” longer. I decided to rivet the top holder for a cleaner look. Can’t wait to get them on the trail. I’ll do an Amazon review as well. BTW, whoever packed the second set let the screws out of the box. No worries, I had a couple laying around that worked fine Thanks, Marty

Marty thank you for this great idea.  We are going to increase the length on the gun butt screws as you recommended.

Marty used rivets to install our 310VT on his 2012 E-Z-GO RXV. I recommended he add a square plate to give the backing more support.

Joe, here’s a metal plate added. Should increase the life span. Tried these out on Sunday. Once I got the routine so getting them in and out, it was fine Thanks, Marty

Nice job Marty thanks for the idea and your recommendations. Joe

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Jerold Installed 525UF In His 2017 Can-Am Defender

Hello Joe, I got it installed today 525UF gungrabber in my 2017 Can-Am Defender. Turned out pretty good and I really like the product. 

Took me about four hours because I had to remove center skid pan underneath to put nuts on. Very pleased with the product. 

Jerold thanks for the pictures looks really good two passangers two firearms safety stored. This is our goal making it safe for hunters like you.