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Bill Installed 525UF On His 2006 Club Car

Joe, Finished my 525UF gungrabber install in my 2006 club car golf cart. Turned out pretty good and I really like the product. 

Did have one issue with the install, the kit was missing the 1/4” black nylon nuts. Luckily, I had a enough spares since club car uses them in a number of places and I had spares. Anyway, made a few changes. 

Since the floor slopes backwards, I made a plastic ramp using a ‘post to concrete plastic base’ from Lowe’s and cutting a slope on the plastic piece. Worked very well but also needed to change the bolts to 2” and 2.5” to reach through the floor. Since I am not great with a drill, I drilled your back plate to 3/8” holes to give me slop for my work .

 For stability, I found a strap a Lowe’s that I cut down, painted and then JB weld to the side of unit and bolted through the dash. 

Lastly, I changed your 2” bolt for height and replaced with a tractor pin. Allows me to adjust height very quickly whether using the cart for skeet or hunting with rifles. Anyway, hope this long email gives you a few ideas or suggestions for someone else’s install. This is a great product. Well thought out and designed. 

I really like the idea of the removable pin. Thanks Joe.

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